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Who is not on the Internet is not in business "(C) Bill Gates

In the 21st century everything goes online. In turn, and the shops. Traditional markets are already closed in the US. Even food is sold through the internet. The causes are trivial: it is simpler and more profitable to maintain an internet shop than an ordinary one; customers do not waste their time and get the desired products effortlessly.

Store? Then online!

Real stores are no longer as profitable as compared to online stores. The Internet store requires less investment than an ordinary one, but it sells simpler and faster.

While competitors are looking for a room for rent, or build it from 0, look for builders, deal with room documents, and more - others ... you can evolve in another way: you order an internet store and launch sales before everyone.


Benefits A perfect SALES MANAGER

The Internet Store is just like a sales manager. But it has a number of advantages:

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Formula exploziei de vînzări: Internet Store + CRM System = BOOM!

Analytical is the oxygen of successful promotion. Integrating the Internet Store into a CRM System allows you to see everything. You get answers to questions like:

  • which traffic source is the most effective?
  • what do customers look for on the internet store?
  • which bids are best received?
  • why customers leave the site. What time? How can we stop them?

Finding answers to these questions, you can target the "gold mines". You know the moments you need to work. Plus at all:

  • collect buyers' data and send them notifications / messages. You are growing the circle of potential buyers. Announce new products and you can get more profit from their account compared to competitors.
  • synchronization with social networks. You get a new promotion tool.
  • clear accounting. The program does all the calculations for you.

The list may continue but it remains a question ... Is it worth it?

We can not make the decision for you. But you probably know that only the businesses that follow the trends or even predict them progress. So you have the chance to master your betting and take a "warm" position in the online store market.


Stages of Creating the Internet Store

1 Knowledge of your business and project requirements. We discuss and clarify all the details before we start working. 2 We are studying the market: the competitors, the target audience and based on these data we design the internet shop. The study helps us grow the site's KPI. 3 Project. We design the structure of the site, decide how it will be programmed; in which way it can be accessed faster, simpler, without any complications from the visitors, we arrange in the page. 4 Design. Our Master Makes Magic and Offers Visual Attractiveness. 5 The appointment. According to the project, our programmers realize ideas in practice. It is the most important and complicated stage. 6 Umplem cu conținut de calitate. Adăugăm poze, text pentru fiecare produs și categorie. *opțional: te ajutăm cu promovarea ca să obții rezultate finale de la site, evaluate în vînzări.
What is an Online Store - Watch

Why WebHouse Team?

  • 1. Thinking of visitors. The site will be easy to navigate, intuitively clear and attractive.
  • 2. Simple administration system. You do not need to call us for each change - you can do it desistfully. Adding products, photos, modifying information will be an elemental operation.
  • 3. Unlimited systems. You can add products, categories and filters to infinity and set them as you like.
  • 4. Technical Assistance. In the event of litigation, we are ready to intervene to resolve them.
  • 5. We integrate simple and popular payment methods. You can receive electronic money from customers by card, webmoney, yandex money, paypal, qiwi.
  • 6. We communicate. Your wishes will not be left without attention. The end result will be as close as possible to your idea.

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Our customers' opinions

  • Petrașcu Vladimir
  • Iulia Babără
  • Ovenco Vladimir
  • Cătălina Veșca
  • Ion Mămăligă
  • Galina Tudoreanu

Our customers' opinions

Petrașcu Vladimir CEO - MADENA ENGINEERING Petrașcu Vladimir
In the process of implementing the project, "WebHouse" SRL has demonstrated professional qualities and the use of the most advanced technologies and tools in the implementation of our web page. As a sign of gratitude, we express our sincere appreciation to you for the work you have done. Become our client
Iulia Babără Administrator - BUSINESSCLASS Iulia Babără
I would like to thank the Webhouse team for their work in creating the website, https://businessclass.md/. Thanks to the very fast and qualitative work, it has become clearer, easier and easier to use after work. From the BusinessClass team, we wish you success in developing web services and as many loyal customers as possible. Become our client
Ovenco Vladimir CEO - FASART S.R.L Ovenco Vladimir
Webhouse has made a really impressive work - it has created a unique design with original descriptions and approaches. This demonstrates once again not only the high professionalism of the studio but also the desire to work with non-standard tasks. We wish you success in your professional activities and look forward to further cooperation. Become our client
Cătălina Veșca Director - MARITUR S.R.L Cătălina Veșca
Mari-Tur company is grateful to all of the staff of Webhouse, and especially to the Director - Victor Molodoi, with whom we happily collaborated in the development of our official website. Become our client
Ion Mămăligă Director - EACOPERIȘ S.R.L Ion Mămăligă
Webhouse! I want to thank you for your work, your reaction and, most importantly, for the site that created it! Webhouse has made us a site we are proud of. It was very nice to work with with your company. You had a technically competent attitude to work throughout our collaboration. I would like to mention in particular the professionalism and the profound knowledge of the service provided. I recommend you all if you want to create a website, contact Webhouse. Become our client
Galina Tudoreanu Director - AMC CENTER Galina Tudoreanu
“We are grateful to the WebHouse team for the attentive attitude and the wonderful work on the site reconstruction. This service was associated with the new requirements that the company’s management presented to the site. In our opinion, the company’s team demonstrated excellent knowledge of its business. Become our client

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