Marketing Kit

Marketing kit is a collection of promotional materials telling about the company, its work and features. In fact, this is a kind of presentation, which is designed to present the company in the best light. The very term marketing kit is translated from English as "marketing kit".

Marketing whales are created for potential customers, partners, distributors or suppliers. Their main goal is to show that it is profitable to cooperate with the company. However, the same advertising presentation can be used by individuals.

There are several options for marketing whale. First of all, these are various printed materials: booklets, brochures and even small books. But the most popular design method is folders on the rings, where, if necessary, you can easily add new pages. Such folders are distributed at exhibitions and during negotiations, handed over to interested companies and “cold” clients.

With the advent of the Internet, digital marketing whales have also appeared. These include PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, and one-page landing pages. Such materials are conveniently sent to customers by mail or given in the form of links.

What is included in the marketing kit
Marketing kit, as well as landing, is built from standard blocks. We will not analyze them in detail (there are more than two dozen of them), but let's better see what information they usually include. So:

Who are we and what are we doing?

This includes blocks with general information, history of the company, description of products and services, address of the manager, mission, plans for the future, etc. All this will help a potential partner to get acquainted with the company and understand how “fit” to each other.

What problems do we solve?

Here you need to tell customers and partners what benefits they can get. In these blocks, lists of advantages, detuning from competitors, cases, statistics, schemes of work, closing of objections and other selling elements are placed.
Social evidence. The purpose of these blocks is to show the reliability of the company. Here are customer reviews, talk about well-known partners and the awards received.
Contacts and calls to action - for those who are interested and want to cooperate.

Rules for creating a marketing whale
1. Marketing whale can not be done just for the sake of a tick or "so that it is like everyone else." Otherwise, the money will be wasted, and within five minutes the customers will secretly throw out brochures in the nearest ballot box. Mareketing kit can be a powerful sales tool. But for this you need to seriously approach to its creation and conduct an in-depth marketing analysis.

2. You can not use the templates or in the design, much less in the content. The design of the marketing whale and its content should emphasize the uniqueness of the company, show its strengths. Template materials do not attract attention and are not remembered.

3. Persuasiveness. Texts for marketing whales are written without broken phrases and empty boasting, otherwise they will be of interest only to company executives. And for potential partners, much more important are specific facts that will help you make an informed decision about cooperation.

4. Brevity. In the marketing whale, information is given in a concise, bright and accessible, without unnecessary details and lyrical digressions. Its pages are designed on the same principle as the landing blocks: less text, more meaning, reliance on graphics. The reader must quickly find the necessary information and capture its essence.

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