Product photography, commercials

Product photo

A product photo is a type of photo in which the subject is the product being sold. Despite the fact that sometimes product photography and people (fashion photography), the product should attract attention, the one that shines in the frame.

Choosing a product that looks perfect, taking it at an angle, on a simple background, which adds something to the frame, creates a good image of the product in the eyes of a potential customer.

Products must be presented in an attractive (good looking), but also in a functional way (to see both the shape, size, and characteristics of the product).

It is also possible to shoot at the pexiglass table to reflect an object in a mass or to light an object downwards, thereby eliminating any shadow.

Any photo of the product goes through post-processing: correction of brightness, contrast and possible flaws that were not observed during capture, and background cleaning was 100% white (if any), etc.

To make a product photo, we need to know:
Destination photographers

· Why do you want your photos: website / outdoor advertising / catalog / packaging, etc .;

· What will be the main purpose of the photos, depending on the final goal of the products, it is decided that the background will be photographed, as well as the way of shooting and subsequent processing.


View photographed products

· How large / small the products are (if the products are large, it is good to take photographs at your headquarters, if the products are very small, you need to make some special macro objectives);

· How many products and how many photos / products we take - depending on the number of products, both the price and the time of the photo session vary;

· How bright the products - bottles, globes and / or aluminum products require special shooting methods (pexiglass table or photo-tent).


Photo session at headquarters

· We need at least 3x3m rooms where you can install a mini-studio;

· You must have at least 2 connectors 220 V, preferably with ground connection;

· We need a person who knows the photos to be photographed and can quickly replace the defective product;

· Photo quality is the same as when using products in a photo studio;

· Products must be prepared and stored near us, where we install a photo studio;

· Products must be clean, undamaged and free from serious defects.

· It’s a good idea to make a list of all the products you need to photograph, and then check what we have already photographed.

Photo shoot length of the product and edited photos
· The duration of the meeting depends on the number of products and the number of photos / products;

· Selected photos will be processed in advance (minimum 30 minutes / photo).


In the future, more attention will be paid to interactivity and perhaps more viral commercials.

Advertising space - short audio-visual advertising (broadcast on radio and television). Normal time: 3-5 seconds (V. flashy advertising), 7-10 (short format), 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 60 seconds - up to two or three minutes and more than a 30-second television spot at 35- millimeter film has a length of 13.68 meters and includes 750 images that must move the first 20 images of the announcement). V. video / television advertising clip.

Media advertising has one of the highest consumer results. The audio / video site should transmit the most important information in a very short period of time (from space and saving money) or, better to say, to send a clear message in order to have a clear idea of ​​career advancement. The more stains you have to sell.
Our goal is to achieve for each client, above all, a scenario from which to start creating spots, so that the message is identified with the company / product / service and, finally, sold.

· Professional, studio or field shooting with experienced cameramen;

· Confidence that you will attract the attention of the buyer through a presentation film or streaming and attractive audio-video production;

· Professional audio-video production, which transmits messages that affect your customers;

· Originality in the creation of audio and video advertising, which create the trust and motivation of customers;

· You together with other market leaders working with Creativa Advertising SRL;

· The message you want to convey to your customers is very clear;

· Optimal solutions for an effective media campaign.


Professional photography and video about your company, products, promotions and new offers. You position yourself as a well-known brand, and you will always be in the form of a client.

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