What is SEO Optimization?

SEO is the shortcut that comes from Search Engine Optimization, in Romanian it translates as Search Engine Optimization.

Optimization is a synonymous term with promotion, and if you are not clear what search engines mean, the most well-known and used search engine is Google.

We can say, therefore, that SEO is the promotion of web pages, websites, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex.


Why is it important to improve our search engine sites?

When we want to find out information, we call Google, just as we want to get something, find an industry expert, plan a trip, and more. At every search, we actually use Google to the largest online marketplace. Therefore, companies and sites are very interested in appearing in Google's results when someone searches for products and services that they offer; a good presence in search sites will mean more visitors, more people interested, and more sales for them.

SEO promotion is also a more affordable way than buying other types of advertising such as advertising on television or purchasing a street panel, so many companies prefer it. In addition, when you choose to promote through a street panel, you do not know if the message will reach someone really interested, while with a good presence on Google, you're sure to get out right in front of those interested because they see you on the web site just when doing a search with the intention of finding the product or service you offer.


What does a top presence in Google mean?

The vast majority of those using search engines stop the first results returned to their search, so in order for a site to get a lot of traffic, it has to position itself on the first page of results returned by Google, searches related to the field he holds, and in a higher position.

If you have an online computer store, then it is in your interest that when someone searches for Google as "computers", "notebook", "laptop online", or product names like "samsung", "asus", "acer ", Your site appears on the first page of Google results in the top searches.

Abbreviated, the main goal of SEO is the good presence on Google of a site and the top position on user searches for relevant keywords.


How can a site be promoted to the top of search engines?

Google wants to show the most relevant and relevant results for each of the searches that people make. If they did not, people would head to another search site that would return more relevant and appreciated results. Therefore, we will get a better position on Google, as our site will be considered more appropriate and with quality information for its users.

We will not detail the way this is done, you can find out by asking for a free consultation from our experts. But to get you an idea, Google's results are based on a positioning algorithm made up of hundreds of factors, some of which are more or less important, present in this very recent mathematical algorithm, or since the engines search.
SEO promotion is a technical but also creative process. In most cases, in order to improve a site, changes are required in site design, site pages, adding professional texts, new pages, link building - recommendations and references coming from other sites to the site yours. This is the mechanics of optimizing SEO, but how do we promote, what kind of text we write, and what kind of links we build are deeper issues where originality, perseverance and endeavor can make a big difference. But we will not rediscover America, after all SEO optimization is based on concrete figures and facts, data and analysis, promotion strategies and creativity.


What does SEO do?
From the above text, I think it has become clear that SEO helps increase business profits and visibility. But this is not all he does, his impact being much more extensive and useful.


SEO helps:
- search engines to find your information, products or services more easily;
- people find the products, information, images they need and have on the site;
- small companies compete with market leaders;
- a real industry of professionals to have jobs while increasing the profits of its customers;
- to substantially reduce the costs of online and offline promotion;

Without SEO, a blind user browsing the Internet using a screen reader - a program that reads the site content, would not be able to perceive what a site or another contains, especially if they contain images called DSC204.jpg instead of books -nevazatori.jpg

SEO is helpful in many ways and site improvement actually leads to a more useful and enjoyable online experience for all Internet users.