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Developing Websites

Your website is the platform where the users and potential customers land. It must fulfill a clear function: it transforms visitors into potential customers or consumes the information you provide.

What you get by developing a website with us!

A functional website that constantly increases the number of visitors, requests and successfully closes transactions. Get an efficient sales resource, capable not only to represent you in the network, but also to sell!


WebHouse.md develops the highest quality websites that correspond to the specifics of your activity and the tasks set.


Why WebHouse?

WebHouse develops premium sites that correspond to your business goals and objectives. Developing business websites or creating a landing page with WebHouse will surely boost both the sales growth for your business and the trust of website visitors. In the case of developing presentation websites or personal websites with WebHouse.md, not only the strategy for enhancing the reputation in the Internet is implemented but also the number of sales of services and products as well as your image is influenced directly.


The WebHouse experts regularly master the latest trends in the website development, web design, and information marketing technologies. The WebHouse team usually offers solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. We identify and present ingenious and original solutions, and because of this, our agency’s projects exceed the boldest expectations.


Advantages offered



WebHouse.md specializes in developing premium websites at reasonable prices. The sites we develop always meet the highest quality standards, offering our customers the most effective solutions for their business.



WebHouse pays special attention to each website visitor. Our priority is comfortable navigation and clarity in terms of our activity and projects. The websites developed by WebHouse.md are an excellent combination of usability and impeccable functionality based on our customers’ requirements.



Our experts develop sites that sell. The sales growth is our core priority in designing websites of different types and/or providing specific web services. WebHouse has a special and effective approach to increasing sales of our customers’ products and services.



WebHouse professionals make a unique design for each project with a high degree of recognition. We are also involved in developing a unique style with a contemporary web standardization for the most advanced identities to be used eventually in the virtual space.



When developing websites, WebHouse uses the most advanced web page responsiveness approach. Websites are developed using a flexible technology that allows for the correct display of a page on the screens of both mobile phones and high-resolution monitors. Websites are easily adaptable to the device they are accessed from and do not require creation of special versions for portable devices.



Having a vast experience in the website development and marketing, WebHouse quickly adapts to the business processes to its customers. The marketing activity of our customers is studied at the initial stage of the standardized work system established at WebHouse, which makes our projects an effective tool in digital marketing.


WebHouse is always available to you. Our mission is to help businessmen make their businesses more profitable. We can always answer your questions.

CRM System

Regardless of your business profile, customers are your primary capital. They are the main source of income. That is why attracting and keeping customers is an important part of success. The CRM system will help you monitor and keep customers in the company.



  • Improving the quality of services offered to customers
  • Coordinating the employees
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Information systematization
  • Increase in sales



Does your company need new methods to reduce costs? This goal can easily be achieved by automating business processes. Today many businessmen are thinking about increasing the productivity, only a management program can guarantee you an increase in the speed of all productivity processes and growth of indices even in the first months of applying the business automation system.



  • Electronic data management
  • Meetings and negotiations management
  • Interaction with customers
  • Performance indicators management
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Planning


The CRM system is designed to optimize and automatize business processes. The WebHouse Studio offers development of systems that are capable of increasing sales and improving service levels. We will help you manage projects easily and interact with the most productive customers. From now on, you will be able to get great results! The WebHouse Studio will always be at your disposal.


As a result -

You can monitor your business using a unique system. You can give tasks to anyone anytime. You can improve service quality, coordinate the staff in a better way, plan and coordinate meetings, work with customers more efficiently, and many other things .... Nearly 70% of businesses have switched to CRM Systems. Why? Because it is much easier to have your company in a complex program in front of you.


If you still have doubts, you cannot entrust us with your project - we can say that we are not freelancers, we are not a company that provides the services as a conveyor - we are a team of professionals who know their work, each client is individual for us.


Mobile Applications

The companies and their businesses all over the world have already begun to migrate from physical space based only on printed advertising to the virtual mobile space. A proper mobile application introduces your business into the virtual mobile space and offers you the opportunity to interact with customers, and fortunately, almost any type of business can be moved to and promoted through a mobile application.


The number of smartphone and tablet users increases every day. Mobile devices are capable of solving any problem in life. Moreover, the possibilities of mobile technologies are not yet fully developed, and everyone can add something new.


As a result - You have a powerful tool for your business. Not to mention the fact that 35% of sales are made via mobile applications.


Such applications ensure:

• Reduction of business costs

• Your business becoming more attractive than that of your opponents

• More feedback from customers

• Optimization of business processes

as well as:

• An effective tool for business and sales

• Increased customer loyalty

• Informing customers about new promotions and services

• You will be in contact with your customers all the time



1. Research and Analysis We never start our work without a careful research and analysis of all market components, target audience, reviews, ratings, etc. We cannot imagine the development of a successful project without this stage.

2. Wire framing While wire framing, we have many questions: “How should the application be? What features will it possess? What do users want to see?”, etc.

3. Designing We choose the design concept being guided by technical requirements.

4. Development and testing When the design, terms of reference and basic concept are ready, we can move on to the development stage.

5. Placement We place the application on the market only after it passes the test stage and all errors are corrected.

Marketing and Advertising

The sales growth is a core function in a company. For a continuous company growth, proper sales investments are required, and we can provide you with advice, strategies and tools in this direction. Strategy and Planning of an effective advertising campaign leads to a better result of your company.


Promotion is a way to increase the number of customers for any business that wants to get a foothold in the online environment.



The Website Promotion and Optimization to the top of the search results in the search engines for those queries that users enter into the search space.


ADVANTAGE: People are looking for what they seem to need in the search engines, so - these are hot customers, who are ready to shop.



This involves placement of ads, which are displayed to users or placed on websites in the company’s domain or in places specifically designated for search engine advertising.


ADVANTAGE: Increase in sales on the website through reduced costs due to placing of ads on third-party web resources.



This marketing tool is aimed at increasing brand awareness and improving the company’s image.


ADVANTAGE: It is ideally suited to raffles and lotteries, which simultaneously enhance the product demand and increase the income.



The social media marketing influences both image enhancement and brand recognition, and offers the possibility of indirect and direct interaction with the target audience.


ADVANTAGE: Business visibility in social networks allows you to be closer to your potential customers and stimulate them to make purchases.


Each project is strictly individual and the cost calculation depends on a large number of factors.


Technical support

The technical support of a website represents a number of complex measures in order to maintain the correct operation of the site and its accessibility for the customers by controlling all website modifications. The WebHouse technical support service is distinguished by quick solving of any technical problems that may arise.


Required services:

• Updating the website code

• Updating the software

• Updating the modules

• Updating or replacing plug-ins

• Updating the scripts

• Testing the scripts

• Identifying and analyzing the website incompatibility

• Removing the website incompatibility

• Testing the website updates


The WebHouse.md Full Cycle Agency also offers you additional services including complex website administration, content support, and website hosting

Branding and Design

Since a person, including your potential customer, perceives about 70% of information through visual channels, you have to give a serious thought to the impression that your visual image will produce. We propose different concepts tailored to your business specifics and target audience. The final decision belongs to you.


As a result, you will get – Development of efficient materials. Guaranteed acquisition of new customers. Effective placement of a new product on the market. Complex product branding development. Marketing materials that will help your managers hold and easily round off negotiations with customers.


Design plays an important role in the project success. Statistics show that a customized design can guarantee the keeping of existing customers as well as the possibility to acquire new users. The graphic aspect is the face of any project. The design services provided by our studio guarantee you great advantages. The WebHoue Studio is a place where design can be developed at a really high level and at reasonable prices.


We are always available to give you all the support in designing!


Marketing Kit

We will develop and implement a tool for you, which will contain all the experiences and knowledge of your company in a single document - the Marketing Kit.


Marketing Kit is a collection of promotional materials that tells about the company, its activity and its features. In fact, this is a kind of presentation that is aimed at presenting the company in a better light.


AS RESULT - Whenever you meet with customers, you will always surprise them with this kit. You will enhance the image of your company in relations with customers.


Photo & Video Production

With the development of social networks where the basic content is Photo & Video - you will be promoted with a well-crafted content.


Product photography is the type of photography in which the subject is the marketed product.

Even though sometimes product photography includes people (fashion photography), the product must be the only thing that draws attention, the only thing that “shines” in the frame.

Choosing a product that looks impeccable, taking its pictures from the most advantageous angle, on a simple background that brings something extra to the shot creates a good image of the product in the eyes of a potential customer.

Products should be presented in an attractive (well looking) and also a functional way (so that both its shape, dimensions and characteristics are seen).


There is also the possibility of shooting on a plexiglass tabletop to have a mass reflection or to illuminate the subject from beneath, removing any shadow.

Any product photography has a post-processing stage: correcting the brightness, contrast, and any eventual imperfections that have not been observed at the time of shooting and background clearing to be 100% white (if applicable), etc.



Media advertising (video) has one of the highest impacts on the customer.

An audio/video spot must convey the most important information in a very short time (due to space and money saving) or more accurately, it must send a clear message, have a clear idea of ​​promotion.

Moreover, the spots should sell. Our goal is first of all to develop a scenario for each customer, based on which we start shooting the spots so that the message identifies itself with the company/ product/service and finally sells.


As a RESULT you get - Professional photos and videos about your company, product, promotions and new offers. You position yourself as a renowned brand and you will always be present in the customer’s mind.