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Branding and Design

Branding and Design

WoW packing effect for your business.

We create brands that attract attention, are memorized and highlighted.


Spark the attitude you need.

An appropriate image produces the necessary emotions and stimulates customer loyalty


Add value and consistency to your business

A unique brand is the path to the trust of partners and investors


No templates. Every project is done with creativity and taste.

Keep up with the freaks. The end result fascinates even the most delicate requirements.

Design specialists who contribute to sales. 

For the result. Not design and branding for the sake of creation.


Because man, including your potential customer, perceives about 70 percent of visual channel information, you have to seriously rely on the impression that your visual image will produce. We will propose different concepts tailored to your business and target audience. The final decision will belong to you.


What distinguishes one company from another?

It is not a mistake if we say that through its product. But there are a lot of offers on the market. The customer is not always a specialist in what he intends to buy. Often technical parameters are just hieroglyphics. So, how will the decision be made?


A sales manager can save the situation - it will explain the benefits of his merchandise. But how is it to be done in cases where technical differences are not practical? If the quality of your products and competitor are at the same level? - DESIGN DOES ALL.


The company catches weight when it is a brand ...

When marketing not a product but a way of life. In this case he has more chances to conquer a "place under the sun". It is highlighted by the competitors. The business begins to have mass feedback - it becomes recognized. Get customer loyalty and pockets :)


A brand has no chances to live without ...

Design. A competitive advantage packed by design is the driving force of sales in the 21st century. The surprising sales. The visual element decides: the offer captures the attention or not. The images form the image of the company and establish the associations in relation to it.


When the customer sees something beautiful and packed with care, he has a keen desire to buy. The impression is that the product is also more qualitative.


What can we help you with?

-- Webdesign. We do our best to make your site "shine" on the other. Your product will be put in the spotlight so it will reveal itself from the right angle.

-- Logo. There are hundreds of logos, but only a few remain memory. We develop logotypes that infiltrate the brain like a secret agent and remain there for years.

-- Naming. We help you with a simple, memorable name that explains the concept of the business. Proper naming as a whole with other visual elements creates the customer's feeling about you.

-- Polygraphic design. Printed advertising materials get a more consistent result due to the right design.

-- Packaging of products. We highlight your merchandise on store shelves. It works simple: the eye of buyers is targeting the product, thus increasing the probability of acquisition.

-- Visual identity in the complex. We take care of your company's "visual". We determine the relevant style for your niche, your customers and the proposed offers.


Stages of work

  • Communication. We understand the project. We generally set the final result, the desired colors, which aspects we must take into account. At this stage we talk about your goals and set concrete steps towards their fulfillment.
  • Formulation and concepts. After studying the market and the audience, we start working on the concept. At this stage, we think about ways to achieve the task.
  • Magic. The creative process. We transform ideas into attractive images. We put the concepts on the virtual sheet.
  • We send the project. You convinced that the result is perfect and put the new materials into action.


Why order branding and design from WebHouse?

- Psychological approach. We draw attention to your audience - we analyze its preferences and the reasons for it to buy. That's how we choose the right style and range of colors to stimulate emotions and impressions.

- Friends with Photoshop. We have the ability to achieve the most bold and complicated ideas. You'll see the image from you head-on directly in our project.

- Non-standard solutions. We move away from the templates and find the idea that will catch your attention. Only in this way can ingenious and non-banal concepts be found. These ideas have all the chances of becoming a popular mega.

- Emphasis on the result. Our designers have knowledge in marketing. So at first we are focused on increasing your sales.


As a result you will get- Developing effective materials. Guaranteeing a new customer appeal. Effective removal of a new product on the market. Complex product branding development. Marketing materials that will help your managers easily spend and finalize their negotiations with customers.


Design plays a natural role in the success of projects. Statistics show that individually created design can guarantee that customers already exist as well as the ability to attract new users. The graphic aspect is the face of any project. The design services from our studio guarantee you great advantages. WebHoue Studio is a place where design can be developed at a really high level and at modest prices.


We are always available to give you all the support in creating your design!