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CRM System

CRM System


Manage chaos and become the master of your business

Forget about stickers, sheets, contact books and place everything in a simple, clear and secure CRM System.


Know your client and offer them exactly what they want

It collects customer data and launches offers that will shake the market.


Whatever your business scope, customers are your primary capital. They are the main source of income. That is why attracting and maintaining customers - is an important part of. The CRM system will help you monitor and keep customers in the company.


Automates sales and turns occasional customers into permanent

The CRM system automatically processes customers: sends letters, offers, and even puts employees in charge of calling



-- All customer data, history and preferences in one place

-- Available anywhere on any platform (smartphone, PC, tablet)

-- Employee control and work efficiency

-- Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business

What is a CRM system?

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relations Management


It is a tool like a database. A smart business management program. So that it can help you increase your income by reducing customer losses and improving their service.



-- Improving the quality of the services offered

-- Employee Coordination

-- Schedule appointments

-- Systematization of information

-- Increase sales



Does your company need new ways to cut costs? This goal can easily be achieved by automating business processes. Today, many entrepreneurs are thinking about increasing productivity, only a management program can guarantee you to increase the speed of all productivity processes and increase indexes even in the first months of applying the business automation system.


-- Electronic data management

-- Meeting and conversation management

-- Interaction with customers

-- Performance indicators management

-- Analysis of business processes

-- Planning

The CRM system is designed to optimize and automate business processes. Studio WebHouse offers systems development that are able to increase sales and improve service levels. We will help you manage projects easily and interact with the most productive customers. From now on you will be able to get great results! The WebHouse Studio will always be at your disposal.


As a result -

You can monitor your DVS business through a unique system. Anytime you can give assignments to anyone. Improve quality of service, better coordinate staff, others .... Almost 70% of business - have gone to CRM Systems. Why? Because it is much easier to have & re-create your project. - we can tell you that we are not, we are not a company that provides services like a conveer - we are a team of professionals who know our work, for us each client is individual.


Organization means clarity, more sales, more money


Keep your hand on the pulse of your business

Viewing through the graphs of parameters gives you the opportunity to keep track of your company's evolution. This way, you can make practical decisions, based on figures and concrete data.


It implements a sound-transforming machine in sales

Due to systematization, sales in your company will undergo a radical change. The CRM System enters any contact with the customer: sounds, letters, requests, and helps you turn them into money.


Create customized offers

Having data about buyers, you can create attractive offers for them. In this way, more will be lured to purchase your products / services. Once the offer has been prepared, the CRM System can automatically notify via SMS.



Forget about trivial tasks. As competitors plunge into "oceans" of monotonous tasks, you will have the chance to think of more important things: strategy, promotion, launch of new products.


Saves data and refreshes

You always have access to the phone calls made by the manager. By studying them, you understand how to perfect the product and what offers to launch.


Manage projects quickly and easily

Having everything in front of your eyes, work becomes more productive. Do not waste your time to search for the information you need - it's always at your fingertips. Within the CRM System, you easily delegate actions and distribute tasks between employees.

the WebHouse CRM System

-- Individual solutions. We adapt the system to your business. Regardless of the domain, you will get a software that doubles your productivity.

-- Explain. After you create and implement the system, we help you with it.

-- Maintenance and support. We are prone to make changes to the system or solve the problems that have arisen.

-- Communication. Through a consultation, we identify issues that require more attention.


Leave us your contact details and wee will get back

We clarify the details, establish an encounter, come to a common denominator, and start working