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Marketing Kit

Marketing Kit

Highlight your company, services, and products.

We develop marketing kits that enhance the image of the business.


From sales presentations.

We increase KPIs of customer meetings through the marketing kit.


Simple and clear about complicated products

Complicated products become understandable to buyers through a marketing kit


Turnkey. We write, draw, arrange in the page.

No templates. Each created material is unique.

In context. We take into consideration the company's visual style.

More formats. You get the printed and electronic version.


We will develop and implement a tool for you, which will contain all the experiences and knowledge of your company in a single document - Sales Book.


A marketing kit is ...

In general, a presentation that will be studied, memorized and transmitted to others. It's an unusual way to talk about the benefits of your company. It seems to be a simple book, but in fact there is something much more.


What is a marketing kit?

- Fewer trivial questions from customers.

- More trust from partners and investors.

- Still a difference from competitors.

- Increased interest in collaboration.

- Comprehensive impression of the company.

- More arguments for working with you.


People meet after clothes, and companies after marketing kit!


It helps you when

Want to increase the efficiency of meetings and negotiations with clients / partners / investors.

You want to grow the KPI site, suggesting downloading the marketing kit.

You do not want to waste time and effort on company presentation. You do it remotely: attach a document and send it by mail.

You intend to turn the company into a recognized one. You can provide this material at conferences and exhibitions.

Aspiri that employees respect the values and principles of the company.

You want to win a bid. Attaching this document to your requirement gives you more chances to be chosen from competitors.

Why a marketing kit but not a flyer or a business card?


They all have leaflets and business cards. Another leaflet or business card will mix with the others. They will be forgotten.

While competitors print "thousands" of leaflets and business cards with banal information, you have the chance to highlight yourself.


You can have a more serious approach. This gives you the opportunity to join companies that care for their customers and sell more expensive, more, and more simply.


Always at the service of your sales!

It is good when managers know their product. But you inevitably hire a new person who does not really understand what he has to sell.


Can not explain to prospective clients about advantages or does not know the answer to some questions. In this case you lose customers, sales, money.


But if you have a marketing kit, you can offer it to sellers as support. Thus the manager will always be able to answer the questions and become more efficient. Even if he was hired recently.


What kind of marketing kits we develop:

● Presentation of the company

● Description of the service or service complex

● Offer a product or product group (catalog)

● Invitation to an event

● Presentation of the franchise

● Special offers

● Partner and dealer information

● Investment offers

● Examples of finished work


AS RESULT - Whenever you meet with customers, you will often surprise yourself with this book. Enlarge your company's image to customers.